About Us

Patrice Harrison, LMSW, IPR
Chief Executive Officer

Patrice has over 25 years of experience serving children, adults, and older adults and their families. She has worked in hospital settings, nursing homes, and schools. As a result of her experience, she makes it a priority to help clients articulate their  goals, recognize their strengths, and exercise their options.

Patrice earned a BA in Sociology from North Carolina Central University and a Masters Degree in Social Work (Graduated with high honors) from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Patrice Harrison is licensed and certified by the Texas Board of Social Work Examiners.  President of her care management company since 2016, Patrice has an extensive knowledge base in the fields of behavioral health, mental health and care management.

P. Harrison Group is in the business of helping children, adults, the elderly and their families live well. Give us a call at 1-888-246-2110 (toll free) to discuss the many ways we can help you.

How we are different

Hospital- or insurance-based case managers are employees of the health care system. They are good professionals. Their focus, however, is to address the issues of patients within the institution and to make efficient use of services for their organization.

We are based in the community and work with clients wherever they live. We provide continuity of care across all settings. We include the family and focus on improving quality of life.

Senior advisors are paid referral fees to suggest elder care facilities. As a general rule, they have a more limited sphere of knowledge and do not hold a professional degree needed to give them expertise in the bio-psycho-social needs of vulnerable clients. Only those facilities willing to pay a finder’s fee will be included in their list of suggestions. There may be a more appropriate option, but it will not be mentioned if the facility does not pay for referrals.

Because we are paid directly by you, we are independent and objective. Our focus is 100% on the needs of the client and family. We apply our considerable skill and years of training to your unique situation.

When the issue is safety and quality of life, you deserve the best!